The Unclear Impact

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I'm a PhD student working on the extra-functional requirements and formal verification of cyber-physical system architectures.
I also like free (as in liberty) software, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptography.

I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference. Donkey Kong says trans rights = human rights.

@vortex_egg this looks really weird to me. I don’t get how it relates at all to brutalism. afaik brutalism is not about being “ugly on purpose”, but emphasizing the raw (brut) materials and characteristics of the medium by placing function over form and deriving aesthetic value from the monumental character of the raw, functional surfaces. one could argue it failed with both (some buildings became very impractical to maintain, and many find them more ugly than monumental). nevertheless, brutalism didn’t set out to be ugly

I guess one could argue “ugly on purpose” emphasizes the “raw” characteristics of a digital material by simulating an untrained designer (early internet communities and hobby webpages), but that sounds like quite a mean-spirited take (after all, like brutalist architects, hobby web designer likely set out to make something beautiful, even if they made some choices in the meantime that seem questionable with foresight)

open source drama

why on earth is the ‘electron thing to run a bunch of messaging webapps in’ space so turbulent? projects go proprietary or just die, get forked, forks go proprietary, get forked again, blobfoxshocked of course it’s nice to have a living open fork again, but what’s in there that makes people burn out so quickly?

re: linux screen reader accessibility junk

@jookia this sounds like a job for a notification daemon: read notifications from applications in order (or just replace them with a sound and read the text only when requested), silence notifications (maybe per application) when the user is busy, and read back the notifications that are still relevant when they are un-silenced.

not as if any notification daemon i am aware of does this w.r.t. sound, but this could be a way coordinate access to the shared medium

re: music

(no physical instruments were hurt in the making of this, only free software: lead is two instances of helm with LFO for the tremolo effect, panned hard left and right, ran through a bunch of guitarix effects and automated. bass is a tweaked odin2 patch sidechained to the bass drum, because why not. drums sound very out of place because they are just default odin2 patches)


i think i have managed to waste a bit of time in ardour and produce this 90-second thing for fun, which is supposed to sound vaguely black metal


just realized I picked 1312 as the default port number by accident for a thing

nice. blobfoxdrakelike

re: uspol

@kristof The interview was published in 2016, when Ehrlichman was still alive and 69 years old and four years before his death. He had diabetes, but was well enough to object to being misquoted or have someone chase it for him. Instead, he didn't, and his family waited until after his death to accuse the writer of forging an attribution. So there is a similar "why did you wait so long" argument to be made against those who accuse Baum of forging an attribution.

re: uspol

@paullammers Obviously not.

But it gives wiggle room (to claim that we can’t know the validity of the quote, but not to claim that it’s surely invalid) to the other side in a debate if we were to use the quote as evidence. Looking at how the “war” on drugs had precisely the social consequences claimed in the quote (irrespective of its validity) would be a much stronger argument. After all, it doesn’t matter whether Nixon wanted to do good (overwhelmingly likely he didn’t) if the policies caused a lot of damage (that wasn’t rectified by later administrations at all).

uspol, slavery

@paullammers Yeah, but it’s also that the quote was published much later than the interview. The quote’s observation is entirely correct, but nevertheless using the quote in an argument might inadvertently weaken it due to the unclear origins.

Circling back to the video, I think it was wonderful and highlighted aspects of history that are deliberately passed over to hide racism. The fact that banning debt peonage but not outright slavery just means that slave owners will make sure their slaves own no debt to them was… infuriating beyond words. It’d more comprehensive if it also looked at the carceral aspects of the recent “war” on drugs. But that’s probably a whole different video and this one is long enough as it is, so the quote kinda serves as a shorthand for the whole topic (in no way undermining the previous historical argument).

@kristof I think this article in Harper's is the source where the interview is quoted. I'll let people decide for themselves what to think about it. If he was misquoted, or the interviewer put words in his mouth, that's bad. But it doesn't invalidate the observation.


@paullammers afaik it’s both disputed whether Ehrlichmann said this quote and whether he was actually telling the truth (e.g., Wikipedia points at some sources: ).

Not as if it’s not believable or even likely that Nixon or Ehrlichmann were hella malicious (their role in, e.g., Watergate is ample proof of that), but w.r.t. their drug policies this quote would probably be too good of a piece of evidence to be taken at face value.

re: Hungary, Voting, -

@gergely @naruciakk @rin @piggo @Coffee Now that the governing party won with a landslide, they’ll probably still implement part of the referendum (like the previous one on “migration”), since 92+% of people who submitted a valid vote voted for “no” (what a surprise). But if I read the first question of the referendum correctly, that will also ban heterosexuality, just like they did so in Florida blobfoxdevil

re: Hungary, Voting, -

@gergely @naruciakk @rin @piggo @Coffee It’s not like it’s any reassurance (to the contrary), but according to volunteer vote counters (including guys I work with at uni) the vote, at least in person, was fair and square. The districts were gerrymandered to hell, but orbán also took the popular vote, so even that wasn’t what made the election decisive. Most likely there was cheating (especially with mail-in votes), but ultimately, it was the years of propaganda that mattered and genuinely convinced the people, which is not illegal (even if highly unethical).

War in Ukraine

While everybody condemns for his war in do not forget that reelection of Orban in is another example of how russian world is spreading around Europe. Orban is a good friend of Moscow and self-described illiberal democrat.


We’re fucked.

It’s not like we wouldn’t’ve been fucked any other way, but now we’re majorly fucked. We became body-snatchers.

@lanodan @avery I guess there is for that.

yarn followed by yarn start seems to start a local copy of MDN with all the content (after running a boatload of javascript, of course).

Granted, now they do have the perverse incentive to make access to downloads without subscribing painful.

i wanna unsafePerformST

apparently, podman 4 has started requiring --name for podman pod create

I probably made debugging this much harder for myself by having a setup that accidentally starts containers without a pod if it can’t find the pod id to attach to blobfoxfacepalm