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I'm a PhD student working on the extra-functional requirements and formal verification of cyber-physical system architectures.
I also like free (as in liberty) software, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptography.

I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference. Donkey Kong says trans rights = human rights.


the cold medicine I just took forms a clumpy precipitate with carbonated water. spooky

my vps has teleported a week into the past due to me being boneheaded and running postgres vacuum full; on a full disk

it seems a much better idea is to pg_dumpall | zstd and recreate the database from scratch from the compressed dump, if you have time to wait for the indexes to be rebuilt


Today, a systemd update broke my system.

Or rather, mounting two subvolumes of the same btrfs partition with different space_cache flags is a bad idea. I wonder why did it work for me for so long. blobcatwoah

relationships, housing market, plague, state power

A friend of mine asked me to cover some of her teaching hours, because she’ll have to take time off to marry her boyfriend asap. Taking all tax exemptions & government loans for married couples (if willing to sign an agreement to have at least 3 children in the future) is probably their only chance of owning a home large enough to start a family. Prices have recently increased by up to 40% percent, and they were already insanely high.

First of all, congratulations and best of wishes to them! blobfoxcheer

My thoughts about the third party in this equation, the state, are much less flattering. Not only they are unwilling to fix the housing market, the unceremonious banality of the situation (plague restrictions likely mean no wedding guests) and the state’s willingness to insert themselves into the situation in mocking solemnity (pre-pre-registration, mandatory waiting periods, speech by the public notary) is in stark contrast with the couple’s actual commitment. If they already decided to take a substantial financial risk and move to from their current place to a new one to raise children, what else could the state say, much less enforce?

Why does the SSH server in Jenkins want me to connect using ssh-rsa? Apache Mina, the library it uses, seems to support rsa-sha2-256 just fine.

That said, adding

PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-rsa

to .ssh/config (scoped to the right host and user) is not a huge deal, since I’m only using the SSH interface to trigger a build from a different user on the same host (no danger of MITM), but it’s still weird. Do they use an old version of Mina, perhaps?

hellsite links, probably some weird scam

What the hell is Aviyel? They have a vague manifesto about fostering open-source communities with a few deleted comment, comments shout out cringey memes about open source and projects that should really be in no bussiness calling themselves open source friendly. They also seem to be seed funded by some obscure VC firm.

It looks like yet another attempt to co-opt free software, but without any actual product?


just got a (workshop) paper rejected where the first reviewer had all strong reject evaluations all over the board and the second had all strong accept evaluations all over the board

at least I’m divisive blobfox3cevil

@douginamug I use uBlock Origin to block cookie banners. I guess that might count for some sites as auto-accepting all cookies, so I also have Temporary Containers enabled in Firefox to auto-delete cookies a few minutes after closing the browser tab (except for sites I open in a permanent container to keep myself logged in).

java, javascript

I’m working on a thing:

(the name is punny: it’s a tool for abstraction refinement that can run as a web service. or rather, it will be, if port over all functionality from the previous, extremely frustrating to compile prototype version)

Thinking about creating an unholy mostrosity with Gradle, Lerna, and Yarn blobfoxdevil

How do html code editor widgets fare with accessibility? I guess contenteditable is better than whatever textarea magic , but what else to look out for?

I’m currently stuck with CodeMirror 5, which can at least use contenteditable (but the html it generates still looks gnarly).


for anyone annoyed by an ugly unicode arrow character being rendered instead of the proper => ligature in js2-mode and typescript-tsx-mode in Doom with Emacs 28

apparently, web-mode has its own prettify-symbols-alist, which overrides the ligatures set up by (ligatures +fira). to fix, add this to config.el:

(after! web-mode
  (setq web-mode-prettify-symbols-alist nil))

🇬🇧 Freedom of speech on the internet: The Legal Affairs Committee would allow any member state to order the removal of content that has been legally published in another member state. That means could have content deleted in your country.
Voting results:

re: personal finance

@PeteMoss I find Beancount pretty nice for a plain text accounting solution. I wrote a couple of of plugins and importers to keep my journal organized and import data from my bank every month. It’s just text, so the journal will remain forever readable (but the Fava frontend can also present it in a graphical way with charts).

As a downside, the versioning situation is a bit messed up atm: v3 is in development but too unstable for daily use, so it’s recommended to stay with v2 for now.

Neofeud is a game where a social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings building Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism
Get it (70% off now!) & help me finish NF2! (Pictured)

re: weird e-mail


There should be a special group of organisations who flag harmful/illegal content on Big Tech platforms. This group’s decisions should never be contested and content should be removed automatically.

this sounds… creepy. blobfoxeyes

@Linux4Everyone I don’t get why is this considered a good thing. Aren’t anti-cheat software basically rootkits at this point? Surely, the big win for freedom-respecting software would be to have game developers adopt server-side anti-cheat mechanisms that don’t require users to run malware.

Re: window management, hot take

@robby @inference One benefit would be saving/restoring browser tabs, which is not commonly implemented in window managers (guess you could use some kind of session manager, but browsers can unload unused tabs while still not removing them entirely, and that would be tricky with a session manager).

Plus browser tabs can show favicons, another feature not commonly implemented in tiling vms. There’s also tree style tab for Firefox, which would be very messy (but cool) to have in a vm, I think.

In general, applications can know a lot about their own tabs, which is not necessarily easy to expose to a vm (you could define custom wayland protocols for that, but there would be a problem of wide adoption).

is there any #matrix bridge for stackoverflow chat?

documentation, java, javascript, academia

What is the current meta for documenting multi-language projects? We basically have

  • a bunch of markdown files with developer documentation (and hopefully user documentation, the future,
  • a bunch a java libraries (in a multi-project gradle build) that should have some API documentation,
  • a typescript project that should have some API documentation (this is the least critical, most people wouldn’t want to touch this if they can help it).

The target group would mostly be students/researchers, either interacting with the frontend from a browser during lab sessions (guided by the lab syllabus and the user docs), or developing math-y extension in the (java) backend (quickly dropping in to the project for a few semesters, guided by 1-on-1 meetings and the developer and API docs). But libraries from the backend will also be used in other research projects.

Is running javadoc and tsdoc separately and linking the results from a html page really the best option for API docs?

It would be really nice to have a documentation tool that supports (BibTeX) citations, but I’m not holding my breath.