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I'm a PhD student working on the extra-functional requirements and formal verification of cyber-physical system architectures.
I also like free (as in liberty) software, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptography.

ncmpcpp is quite nice, especially compared to the awful Spotify ui. blobfoxhappy

My spelling has become a lot worse since I’m stuck at home with my laptop keyboard (my mech keyboard is at the uni, I don’t have desk space for it anyways). blobcatgrimacing Maybe I should try and learn to type better on a laptop keyboard.

@vortex_egg @pixouls For digital files, especially financial stuff, the Beancount importer is pretty nice: If you’re able to write your importer, it can extract ledger entries from files (bean-extract) and move them into a hierarchical folder structure (bean-file) from a drop source folder. The Fava web interface can display the ledger entries and the files alongside.

A significant downside is that very few importers are available (they are highly country- and institution-specific), and often they are difficult to write (OCR stuff, parsing weird PDFs). So I end up having to move some of my files into the hierarchy manually.

For paper stuff, scanning would be possible, but it’s way too much work and cannot be automated away. I usually just take a photo with my phone of the first page (it has most of the important info like invoice and account numbers, anyways). But that doesn’t really help me with finding the original copy when needed.

re: hot take

@hazel I’m tempted to ask about \mathfrak. But, as computer science person, deep down I now that \mathcal is the superior font.

The April fools day video by Curio introduced my to the video essays and music by @shonalika

There’s lots of great stuff, but one point about their essay on satire especially stuck with me. If you feel the need to apologize for edgy humor, the apology better be part of the joke. Either because it’s well integrated into the joke as to make your sincere stance blatantly obvious (“You’ll be aware of that hole in your heart”), or because the apology after the joke feels so unnecessarily on the nose that it in itself becomes ridiculous (“He was lashing out with sexist language cause he had his heart broken. We all learned something.”). Hence the difference between satire and a dogwhistle.

On a lot more serious note, presents important and eye-opening context around a philosophical argument — that is a matter of life and death for many instead of mere theory —, in addition to slaying demarcation problems outright to the great disdain of schoolteachers. blobcatsmug


– Bonjour, je suis journaliste, vous êtes d'accord pour une interview ? Je peux avoir votre nom ?
– Bien sur, donc c'est Louise...
– Louise, oui
– Condette, avec C et deux T
– Condette, ok
–Et ACEB en majuscules, mon second nom de camille
– Ok, placez-vous là et on commence

Suivi d'une image d'une "Louise Condette ACAB" se faisant interviewer avec des flics en fond

@robby Thanks, it looks cool! At the very least, I guess it can’t be worse than Amazon (both from the customers’ and the artists’ pov). Looking at the company Wikipedia page, they seem to have quite significant ties with the music industry at large, but that’s expected.

They don’t seem to be available in my country, though (it works behind VPN, but I think I’d have trouble with paying.)

Try to get rid of Spotify, but I’m not sure what’s the best solution to get music. blobcatthinkingeyes

For artists on Bancamp, it seems wonderful, especially if it’s #bandcampfriday like today!

But if they aren’t on Bandcamp, often the only way to purchase the music for real (DRM-free) is mp3s on Amazon, and I’m not sure whether the artist actually gets any significant chunk of that money (plus, that leaves the corporate surveillance aspect mostly unaddressed). However, I’d assume it’s still significantly more than with Spotify.

In Minecraft, you could pirate the music and then donate the equivalent amount or more to the artist, provided they have donations set up. Even better if they are awesome like La Ska Brass and put DRM-free music up for download anyways (although I’d still appreciate a donation option separate from the merch store).

What approach do you use/prefer?

Boost appreciated, I guess

I strongly oppose the banning of books, but some code I recently had to interact with tempted me to reconsider this opinion regarding Clean Code. blobcatangery

Obscure joke

Satan (bored and tired): Thank you everyone for your patience. The Second Great Awakening has really shaken up the afterlife and we're working overtime to provide everyone with the custom punishment they expect. (Looking up from clipboard) Pythagoras, Thoreau... You'll be planting beans. I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about

@humanetech This looks quite nice, but the website that is unreadable without Javascript, and the shop page that is slow even though it’s behind Cloudflare and doesn’t show the price without running external Javascript are disappointing. Although they don’t seem to claim to be too equitable or privacy-conscious other than not locking down the bootloader completely, so I guess this is expected.

TIL a mock trial and a sham trial are two very different things and one of them is normal to do in high school.

alc mention

Attending a remote academic event with some optional social programs this afternoon. One of the social programs in a beer tasting. Remotely. blobfoxeyes

@fribbledom There’s an 8-directional pad, and button to change the CPU clock speed right in the middle? blobfoxconfused I’m intrigued by the use case where these things even remotely go together frequently.

@kawaiipunk Imagine if people could hang out and make art without panicking about meeting their basic needs.

So, just after I set a nice wallpaper by Tolis Dianellos on this instance from Unsplash, Unsplash announced they’ve been aquired by Getty Images. It’s a good thing the Unsplash license is non-revocable. Unfortunately, it explicitly prohibits hosting a collection site of images from Unsplash, so their collection can’t be salvaged, were they to remove it or change to more restrictive licensing terms in the future.


The submission has been saved! banner from EasyChair

re: rms replacement

@jookia In my fried group, his name sometimes comes up as a reference to a person who holds views that are impractical, but would be nevertheless beneficial if everyone held them, e.g., a firm stance against DRM. The real person behind the name is, of course, very far from this abstraction. A text file with all those views is a lot better implementation of the concept!

Re: awful pun

@TinfoilSubmarine If we can’t move the boat the normal way, we can still sudo mv boat. Then it’s a root canal.

Installing Overleaf on my server sounds nice for writing papers together with other people.

On the other hand, I don’t really like the thought of having to run MongoDB and Redis. Why can’t they have a Postgres backend? blobfoxannoyed