The Unclear Impact

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I'm a PhD student working on the extra-functional requirements and formal verification of cyber-physical system architectures.
I also like free (as in liberty) software, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptography.

I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference. Donkey Kong says trans rights = human rights.

@robby in other words, you have created a mighty fine anti-othello AI blobfoxlaugh

@aral This is very cool! The

Copying experimental warning suppression script (external).

line sounds intriguing. I was playing around with ESM lately (and yarn PnP, but that wasn鈥檛 as successful) and was quite annoyed by the warning. Did you manage to get rid of them?

If you鈥檙e working on creating artificial scarcity, may I just say from the bottom of my heart, fuck you, stop doing that like some fucking psychopath and go fix some real problems to improve people鈥檚 lives instead of fucking them up even more.

Thank you.


htop shows 15 GiB of shared memory used (violet bar) and I don鈥檛 know why

needless to say, the SHR values of any running process (or even their sum) is much lower

re: hupol

@yaaps Oh, it said SJW verbatim. The ad looked more like they鈥檙e trying to hire someone to make fun of on camera (or, more charitably, hire an actor who plays a leftist person being made fun of).

The ad copy also had 鈥渓iberal-leftist鈥 in it, which is absolutely not 鈥榣eft-libertarian鈥 in this context, but was made into a common slur a few news cycles ago against anyone not at least in full agreement with the ruling Fidesz party. Politicians tend to use it as a though-ending clich茅 even against other right-wing politicians, which is quite surreal.


I can鈥檛 believe that the webpage of the ancap party in Hungary has both the Atlas statue from the Rockefeller Center and the Gadsen flag (with a helpful link to the Wikipedia page on the Gadsen flag blobfoxlul). didn鈥檛 Ayn Rand hate liberatarians, or something? I hope Poe鈥檚 law would strike again, but most likely they are grifting for campaign money or just even dumber than a usual ancap.

(someone posted a screenshot of and ad to reddit where they were looking to hire an sjw for a campaign film. like鈥 what?)

re: NFTs

@cadadr @rysiek monetization is of course nothing new 鈥 but the thing 鈥榳eb3鈥 is about (even openly) feels not like selling something (that can ordinarily be sold, but not necessarily, e.g., language skills), but more like introducing money into a context it has never been before, like when banqueting the yields was replaced with grain markets. But I鈥檓 probably mistaken, since plenty of digital services are already monetized, and 鈥榳eb3鈥 projects would likely bring only a quantitative, rather than qualitative change in this regard. Existing kinds of labor relations, just more widespread.

Financialization, on the other hand, specifically turning labor into a financial instrument to be traded鈥 the Aixe Infinity case study from the video was eye-opening. The 鈥榩ay-to-earn鈥 (with heavy scare quotes) game recreated early capitalist structure, but with none of the underlying production. The tokens are just transparently means of 鈥榩roduction鈥 (owned by capitalists and producing nothing at all, but nevertheless requiring the input of laborers). This looks like a qualitative change that creates new kinds of labor relations, sucking up people鈥檚 free time with nothing of use in return.

re: NFTs

@rysiek Another striking point made was that the end goal of NTFs and web3 is the financialization of all things.

I had this bad feeling that web3 and 鈥榤etaverse鈥 projects are aiming at turning every human interaction into a transaction, adding micro-transactions and grind to all small acts that should be about aid and gratitude. But, as Folding Ideas notices, the actual goal is much worse: It not only injects money (monetization) into every interaction, but also makes them tradeable for the sole benefit of a speculative investor class.

@rysiek Another good quote later is, "The end product is a self-organizing high control group."

This NFT explainer, linked here already by many, is amazingly good:

That said, this sentence is just art:
> This is what makes [NFT] enthusiasts so deeply unreliable: they have meaningful financial stakes in an intangible, volatile thing that exists entirely as a collective ideoform.

I promise the rest of the video is very clear and easy to understand, cuts through the bullshit like knife through butter. But that sentence... that sentence is *dense*.

Total reclaimed space: 114.4GB

Who thought that a gigantic, 91.8 GiB docker container is a good idea?

subtoot, free software

so, the only morale of the story is that you shouldn鈥檛 work with TERFs, not only beacause they are insufferable with marginalized people, but they are also insufferable generally? blobfoxdisapprove


if you ever prepare a replication package for a paper, make sure you don鈥檛 accidentally swap the labels for your own tool and the baseline.

artifact evaluators, like me, will be extremely puzzled why your claims hold in reverse blobfoxupsidedowndizzy

architecting a reactive desktop application seems quite difficult without some virtual DOM equivalent blobfoxsweating

I鈥檓 still not sure whether I should try to implement my own state reconciliation for BrowserViews, or just bite the bullet and treat the #electronjs main API as a big goop of state that is mutated by reactions

Re: religion

@robby @Night_king @calculsoberic it鈥檚 time to become evil, then blobfoxrage

bidirectional typechecking is weird

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I鈥檓 reading a software engineering paper that inexplicable talks about 鈥渁ccursed鈥 data instead of 鈥渁cquired鈥 data

not sure if Bataille fans, or just failing at copyediting blobfoxmischievous

@RileyStarlight it was a bit weird to set up at first (autogenerated django admin interface to set up users without a lot of docs available). but it worked nicely afterwards and I haven鈥檛 needed to do any maintenance yet other than auto-updating (I periodically pull etebase-docker on my server and the dav bridge has an AUR package)

in comparison, setting up sync for the exchange calendars we have to use for uni (and I hate with passion) in thunderbird and on my phone was much more fiddly

so Aella is usually a woman鈥檚 name and she was one of the Amazons while 脝lla is usually a man鈥檚 name name and he threw Ragnarr Lo冒br贸k into a snake pit. got it.

it was much more fun when I somehow merged the two concepts in my head.

@RileyStarlight I鈥檓 using etebase for this purpose. It鈥檚 not exactly a caldav/carddav/notes server (more like a generic, end-to-end encrypted store), but it has a web client for contacts and calendar and notes, and can show itself as a caldav/carddav server through a local bridge (there鈥檚 also native support for android and ios without the bridge for synchronization).

One benefit is that it鈥檚 generic and it would be cool to use end-to-end encrypted synchronization for a bunch of things (but I have no idea for what things exactly and no time to implement it anyway blobfoxlaughsweat )