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I'm a PhD candidate working on the extra-functional requirements and formal verification of cyber-physical system architectures.
I also like free (as in liberty) software, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptography.

I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference. Donkey Kong says trans rights = human rights.

bandcamp won their union! bandcamp won their union!!

i'm so fucking happy for them, and also for the possible knock-on effects of some of epic game's holdings unionizing

their full statement -

WE WON 31-7 “Bandcamp United and Bandcamp management are committed to working together to continue to advance fair economic conditions for our workers and the artists who rely on us. We look forward to negotiating with an open mind and working in good faith to promote the best interests of all of our staff and the artist and label community we serve.”

yt-dlp -x -f bestaudio -o "%(playlist_index)02d. %(title)s.%(ext)s" 

is so comfy blobfoxcomfysmug

once more for the backrow hecklers

nvidia _choose_ to not support the wayland stack. or well more generally, the new linux kms+egl gpu stack, since there's a lot other cool things you can built on top of it that aren't wayland

nvidia _choose_ to implement crypto locked down fw in a way that blocks open drivers (even apple got this right!). and no one else can fix it, because it's actual real crypto

nvidia _choose_ to not fix any of this

don't buy nvidia if you don't like this

Scientific/academic journals charge but don’t give any money to the authors. Just email them and ask for a copy of the paper for free

realizing I need Emacs for playing around with Agda, I spent a good chunk of today declaring Emacs bankruptcy and setting up a new init.el

blobfoxhappy I have a much more lightweight but functional Emacs config now

blobfoxsad I still don’t know Agda

⁉ 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕚𝕤 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕕: ⁉
The InfinityBook Pro 14 with - we would like to find out with this how big the interest really is.
Thank you very much for your help! No personal data will be stored!



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@tuxedocomputers InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen8

maybe if I couldn’t get a nice laptop with an ANSI keyboard, I should get one with an ISO layout but with blank keycaps instead and remap \ <-> enter blobfoxthinkanime


  • weirdly shaped \ key


  • enter key close to the home position
  • extra big \ for LaTeX

glances mildly disapprovingly at @tuxedocomputers for not including an ANSI option yet again in an otherwise perfect laptop

@JadeMasterMath asked one of the guys who were working on GraphBLAS stuff: he says you’ll need python-graphblas for custom semirings, but he haven’t tried (built-in stuff covered most of our use-cases, I think)

@JadeMasterMath GraphBLAS seems to be targeted at something like this. There are two Python wrappers, python-graphblas and pygraphblas. People in my lab used to use & contribute to pygraphblas for a bit. But as of now, I think python-graphblas is the better maintained library and it has support for accelerated matrix computations custom data types and (semiring) operations: and

@johncarlosbaez In Hungary, I learned the inverse functions of hyperbolic functions as “area sine hyperbolic” and “area cosine hyperbolic” (I guess it’s alluding to the relation with the enclosed area of the hyperbole instead of the arc length). We used the notation arsh and arch for them (but arcsin and arccos for the trigonometric inverse function). Maybe Wikipedia is trying to meet halfway between the English and the Central/Eastern European notation in this case?

orange site, obscure joke

i didn’t expect discourse around the mascot of #krita that could be literally resolved by honi soit qui mal y pense, but here we are blobfoxsmug


@spacekookie @AgathaSorceress expect to panic! blobfoxshocked ablobfoxdundundunowo

I see people asking: How else will we critically study GPT-4 etc then?

Don't. Opt out. Study something else.

GPT-4 should be assumed to be toxic trash until and unless is *open* about its training data, model architecture, etc.

I rather suspect that if we ever get that info, we will see that it is toxic trash. But in the meantime, without the info, we should just assume that it is.

To do otherwise is to be credulous, to serve corporate interests, and to set terrible precedent.

Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to lock people out of a webapp because their User-Agent doesn't match your predefined list. 😡

Especially webapps they need to manage their healthcare.

(I am in fact using one of the browsers on this list, your code just isn't able to tell.)

boost_love Please boost for basic education.

Red CVS pharmacy logo, an icon of a UI window, then the text:

It appears you may be using a browser that is out of date.

For the best experience, please switch to an up-to-date browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Look around you… Who is the most marginalised?

That’s who you should be protecting.

If for no other reason than if you don’t, you will be next. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But you will be next.

(Or you will have to do things that will make you wish you’d been next.)

That’s just how fascism works.

And this is fascism.

On signing git commits…
@aral wouldn't just signing the last commit be sufficient? The hash of a commit depends on all parent commits anyways (which is, incidentally, an _actual_ use case for Merkle trees)

@aral he’s also on the Fediverse and is working on an encryption system for DMs: which looks a bit related to what you’re doing (although, obviously, building upon ActivityPub brings vastly different technical constraints)

language model, food, being silly with rwkv-4-pile-3b-instruct-test2-20230209 on a cpu
> Q: what is a good recipe for bbq ribs?
> A: 1. Make the garlic herb rub.
> 2. Preheat oven to 200°F (93°C).
> 3. Soak the ribs in water for 1 hour.
> 4. Soak in 5% salt for 1 hour.
> 5. Rinse ribs, pat dry, and rub with olive oil.
> 6. Season the ribs with salt and pepper.
> 7. Place the ribs on a wire rack and roast for 45 minutes.

5/7, had my oven at 93C for two hours while the ribs were soaking in water and... saline? blobfoxbreadsnootgoogly

interestingly, #rwkvstic does not get any faster if i torch.set_num_threads(8) and torsh.set_num_interop_threads(8) compared to single-threaded, but uses a whole lot more cpu. but with bfloat16 instead of float32 it doesn't even use more cpu!

#rwkv #pytorch #llm