The Unclear Impact


btw (commenting here because i’m not logging into my reddit account any time soon after the API debacle), it seems like the issue you linked in is not publicly accessible. i assume this should land in the next firmware update anyways?


Yes, we are in the process of fixing this.

@tuxedocomputers one more silly question about the firmware: if I get the ibp 14 gen8 without an nvidia GPU, will it still boot with secure boot enabled if i load my custom PK and KEK?

i understand that you don’t distribute kernel images signed by microsoft for your own distro ( – “Secure Boot must be disabled in your computer’s UEFI firmware”), but i’m planning to sign my own kernel images anyway and get rid of the microsoft PK/KEK entirely

this works nicely on my ibp 14 v4 (apparently it doesn’t have anything onboard that needs a microsoft KEK to initialize properly with uefi), but that’s a clevo motherboard, not a uniwill one. does the ibp 14 gen8 firmware has anything signed with microsoft’s keys that would break if i removed the keys?

Yes, that should work.

@tuxedocomputers perfect, thanks!