The Unclear Impact

What's your "base" stack of choice?

How do you set up a server? Do you do any automation or do you just open up an SSH session and YOLO? Any containers? Is docker-compose enough for you or are you one of those unicorns who had no issues whatsoever with rootless Podman? Do you use any premade scripts or do you hand craft it all? What distro are you building on top of?

I'm currently in process of "building" my own server and I'm kinda wondering how "far" most people are going, where do y'all take any shortcuts, and what do you spend effort getting just right.

@ShittyKopper arch linux with sandboxed systemd units for most purposes. I should really set up podman to be rootless, but for now I can still enjoy running containers as systemd services, albeit unsandboxed on the systemd level