The Unclear Impact

chatgpt is bad at software

he's dead, jim

(notably, I was describing a race condition, not a deadlock)

sensitive media
me: "that doesn't make much sense to me, because when an object is locked, it specifically cannot be accessed by other threads."

chatgpt: "You are correct that a locked object cannot be accessed by other threads, which is why the deadlock you described occurred in the first [ERROR IN BODY STREAM]"

chatgpt is bad at software

@noracodes Reminds me of a thread we had here (, where ChatGPT confidently explains how to do operator overloading in JavaScript, and how commenters talked about the syntax and how useful such a feature was. Nobody pointed out that the feature doesn't exist.

Like recent threads showing Bing saying the current year is 2022 or Earth has 10 billion people, it's breathtaking how confident and persuasive it can be. Being correct is a distant second.

re: chatgpt is bad at software

@noracodes a fun question is whether it’s entirely hallucinating (coming up with vague but convincing-sounding bullshit using the words it is given), or it has enough capacity in its parameter space and enough examples in the training set to encode the connection between the two fields (affine types for borrow checking vs linear types to encode unitary operators in functional quantum programming languages) to some degree and thus is more likely to come up with this specific sort of bullshit

nevertheless, it’s pretty useless without any form of logical grounding, to say the least


chatgpt is bad at software

@noracodes As a quantum computing expert who invented significant parts of what "quantum programming" is........ that is absolute bullshit.

(Bizarrely, it did get the slightest bit right that a lot of quantum programming is inspired by Rust, but... just.... no.)