The Unclear Impact

Pfff.. bought a Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless .

Looked alright.. , okay. As it happens I didn't notice they placed the forward slash key a row lower, making it impossible to hit the Return key when doing blind typing.

Nice keyboard otherwise, but this is a no-go, and I have to return it to the store. What a bummer and waste of time :(

Photo of MX Keys Mini keyboard with the offending key where it shouldn't be marked with a red arrow and an exploding head emoji.

@humanetech All the extra symbols are in wrong places! What kind of psychopath designed that?!

@pixelcode I could live with that, though yea crazy indeed. Notice the icon next to 1, 2, 3 keys is exactly the same one. Huh??

Re: keyboard

@humanetech maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this just a standard ISO US English international keyboard layout? people tend to use this here in Europe, although I agree, it’s weird if you have to type a lot of backslashes (yay, LaTeX!) and I, too, do prefer the ANSI layout

one advantage is that you have the extra “ISO key” next to the left shift, which some people use to have a more natural pattern for the fingers on the left hand when touch-typing:

the icons on the F1, F2, F3 keys look like are for switching between 3 paired computers (they try to show something like computer 1, 2, 3), hence the indicator LEDs on them (it’s a bit baffling to add an icon just for this, on the bottom of my MX Master mouse, the switch just has the numbers 1, 2, 3 without any icon, and it still makes sense). it’s a feature/gimmick of MX devices, I reckon


Re: keyboard

@kristof I only know of keyboards where the forward slash is one row higher and the return key is twice as wide, less tall. It is real gymnastics to reach it with the pinky finger :)

@humanetech this is the exact same layout as my mac keyboard, and is stylistically clearly heavily inspired

@h oh yea, indeed. Can you reach the Return with 10-finger typing?

@humanetech This is an ISO layout keyboard. You probably want the ANSI layout.

This is all highly personal preference, because I much prefer ISO over ANSI. And I know many who prefer ANSI over ISO.



Yes, it needs retraining my typing to not hit the \ key all the time. My pinky finger doesn't reach that far without lifting hand from the other keys.