The Unclear Impact

Anybody running #Akkoma or #AkkomaFE? Where can I find info about it?

Ah, it seems to be the new #Pleroma

Nice that it'll actually get a successor instead of being unceremoniously discarded

@realcaseyrollins well, not a new #Pleroma persay. It was started by a dev who was already concerned with the future of Pleroma before the Gleason ban.

See here:

@realcaseyrollins And yes, I am running it here currently.

@TinfoilSubmarine @realcaseyrollins how was the pleroma -> akkoma switch? i’m looking at git log pleroma/develop..akkoma/develop, but can’t find a straightforward point of divergence. did you manage to upgrade without deleting the database?


@kristof @realcaseyrollins Yep, went off without a hitch.

My upgrade path was from Pleroma 2.4.3 (or something close, I might have been on develop but I can’t remember where) to

@kristof @realcaseyrollins oh, also should tag @akkoma

There’s been some chat on some of their posts about people switching.