The Unclear Impact

oh yeah, so uh, yeah, state of emergency, it’s a bad situation, very bad, it’s so bad I’ll explain later

@xerz yes, but like we have been having technically state of emergency since the start of the war and barely anyone actually noticed

@pony @xerz Meanwhile France: Has been in state of emergency since uuuuh *checks wikipedia* well okay, 2015 terrorist event got them in state of emergency, which got kept for years, until the 2017 presidential election where they kept bits of it via an anti-terrorist law and officially declared it over.

@lanodan @pony @xerz
representative democracy: blobcatthinkOwO surely giving the state power to declare more power to itself will never go wrong
blobcatfrowningbig oh no it did

every god damn time

Re: hupol

@icedquinn @pony @xerz @lanodan the ‘fun’ thing is that most of his campaign was built on scaremongering that the opposition candidate would get involved in the war and conscript people, and now the moment he’s in charge again he changes the ‘solid as granite’ that his cronies wrote to declare a state of emergency due to… checks notes the war. blobfoxfacepalm

at least they could have maintained some consistency to keep the story going, and drum up some other bs reason for the state of emergency