The Unclear Impact

@aral You seem to link to a lot (subjectively) articles from inkl, do you have a subscription there? If so, do you find it is worth it?

@inhji Yep and yep. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s the least bad news app I could find so far. (Given the sewer of available options, that’s high praise.)

@aral I wish there was a lightweight Mastodon server that was specifically geared to single person instances.

Do you know of one?

@e88 Nope. But if you hear of such an ActivityPub server, please do let me know too. I’d be very interested.

@e88 @aral is generally lighter weight than mastodon (basically you only need a postgres db, and pleroma itself runs as a pretty lightweight erlang/elixir app). i run it as a single-person instance with minimal issues is even more minimal


@e88 @aral what's the benefit of gearing an instance for a single person? A social activity feed for one seems counter intuitive unless I'm missing something.

@mcneely @e88 The fediverse is federated so you can speak to anyone on any other instance. An instance of one means that you don’t have to moderate anyone else, just yourself.

Take that as a core tenet and you have the (which doesn’t have to use ActivityPub but could interoperate with it if desired).