The Unclear Impact

Someone in hackers town is (or was) a phd student?
Can you share your thoughts about that please?

@vortex_egg me too, I would like to know if people can share experiences and if they would recommend it

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@neetx well, i’m not on hackers town, but i’m a software engineering phd student abd (in fact, i should be writing my thesis right now. alas, blobfoxcofeterrified )

there’s likely extreme variation about the experience depending on the uni, the field, and even the specific professor / research group. it’s very important to find a place where you’re a good fit in terms of working style (i did my bsc and msc in the same place, and were working on publications during that time, too, as it’s usual in my country, so this was less of a concern, but other places can be very different) bluntly, make sure to find a place where you won’t be exploited and obviously you should never exploit others either

i love the opportunities to travel and collaborate with other researches and to supervise students on interesting projects (and the working style our research group very much enables and encourages this).

it’s cool that most of my work ends up public, where it can be useful for everyone, instead of just making some corporation richer. due to this, the pay’s not necessarily great (that’s also a concern you should be mindful of!), but not that bad either. hopefully, i’ll be able to stay in academia at continue producing research (and libre software) for public benefit


re: academia, phd

thank you for the answer, I should have specified the field of the phd (computer science/computer security) and not the belonging to hackers town, I'm sorry

I'm glad to hear you are in a good research group
I appreciated your sharing