The Unclear Impact

Those of you who write Free Software, do you primarily:

@robby a bit narrow, you miss the activism in coding that built meany things.

@witchescauldron The difference that I intended to make between “for employment” and “as a hobby” is that the former implies that it is done for compensation, while the latter is doing it merely for the sake of doing it. For the sake of this poll, I think it makes sense to consider activism a hobby, since it’s usually done for the sake of doing it. I would consider writing Free Software at all a form of activism though :-)

@robby Writing open-source software (well, EPL2.0) at uni for research prototypes. So I guess that counts as being employed for free software, even though software is not the primary output. blobfoxscience

But I’m also writing free software as a hobby. ablobfoxbongohyper


@robby write free software as a hobby, while writing unrelated free software as a part of my job, employed by a company and/or the government

@robby It's difficult to determine the 'primarily'. Most of the Free Software code I wrote was done as a hobby, but since 6 months additionally to all the work I do as a hobby, I'm also writing Free Software as my day job (and I love it).

@zwol how about 2022 gummywink

@robby often free software is not explicitly part of my job, but writing free software helps me do my job better.

@robby Rare rawr

@robby Sadly I need to write proprietary code for a living, because I can't do anything else on the same salary level. If I would have a profession that is not in IT field and it has the same (not much) amount of work and high salary, then maybe I would give a try to write only free software code as a hobby.

Speaking of working in it field. I'm kinda glad that some code is proprietary, cause sometimes it is just so bad, that no one should inspect it.

@robby I write free software as part of my job, and as a hobby. My hobby tends to be ambitious!

@carlschwan congrats, wish you success, Carl. @robby