The Unclear Impact

what is a good #matrix homeserver to set up a room for an FOSS project?

I guess I could use my own, but 1. having my name as the homeserver domain name would be weird 2. it would give me undue control over the room as a server admin, and (most importantly) 3. I am way less confident of a server admin to guarantee any kind of availability at all

(it very well might be the case that the most practical answer, at least for projects on gitlab or github, is gitter atm)


@kristof there's nothing weird about what you suggested. Conceptually, rooms do not belong to any one single homeserver and they can have a different alias per homeserver.

@kenny That’s good to know, thanks! Looks like I have still much to learn about Matrix

@kristof additionally, users from different homeservers can have the same access rights. If you create a room using your user on your home server, you can also promote a user on a different homeserver to have the same rights as you. I.e. shared governance

@kristof doesn't matter what the uptime of the "original" server is, that's the point of matrix.

The room will happily exists even if the creator went the way of the dodo