The Unclear Impact

systemd 250 broke my encrypted swap in the crypttab on my vps and I don’t know why

also, hetzner’s arch linux recovery iso seems broken, but at least their debian-based recovery environment is quite nice

@kristof might be a good idea to report this bug

@jookia I’ll still have to experiment with it (just not on new years eve – running a quick update just before the year ends wasn’t the brightest idea, but luckily I fixed it up by disabling swap from the recovery environment)

It’s still highly likely that

a) I’m inept and just misconfiguring something

b) I’s already known (maybe something like applies)

but definitely on the todo list to repro and report


@kristof i'm not too sure, if an upgrade broke it then it's a regression in my book. they might already know about it though.

it's still worth reporting just for googlability. systemd doesn't take regressions as a joke