The Unclear Impact

@vortex_egg -nods a lot- Netlify (with its free SSLs) pushed via github commit has become my favorite way to handle static sites over the last couple years.

I've used Jekyll, Svelte, Docusaurus, and vanilla HTML as my bases and all have worked seamlessly. Definitely reduced the friction.

@vortex_egg I like it quite a bit! It feels like a natural evolution of Jekyll in a lot of ways. is built with it and I've been happy so far.

re: docusaurus

@vortex_egg @pixelpaperyarn Docusaurus is a bit annoying without javascript enabled (the menu just won’t work), though. Not a big deal when documenting a javascript library, but might be of concern for a general-purpose website.

(My main gripe with it when last time I tried to use it was that its transitive dependencies are a mess (especially if one wants to use mdx files). I gave up adding a docusaurus site to my yarn-based monorepo after trying a myriad of packageExtensions directives to fix up missing peerDependencies. However, that’s only of concern for documenting javascript libraries, and not for a general purpose website, since you can just use a package manager with loose dependency resolution, i.e., not yarn.)