The Unclear Impact

relationships, housing market, plague, state power

A friend of mine asked me to cover some of her teaching hours, because she’ll have to take time off to marry her boyfriend asap. Taking all tax exemptions & government loans for married couples (if willing to sign an agreement to have at least 3 children in the future) is probably their only chance of owning a home large enough to start a family. Prices have recently increased by up to 40% percent, and they were already insanely high.

First of all, congratulations and best of wishes to them! blobfoxcheer

My thoughts about the third party in this equation, the state, are much less flattering. Not only they are unwilling to fix the housing market, the unceremonious banality of the situation (plague restrictions likely mean no wedding guests) and the state’s willingness to insert themselves into the situation in mocking solemnity (pre-pre-registration, mandatory waiting periods, speech by the public notary) is in stark contrast with the couple’s actual commitment. If they already decided to take a substantial financial risk and move to from their current place to a new one to raise children, what else could the state say, much less enforce?