The Unclear Impact

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Do you keep track of your finances?

If you answer yes, please see follow-up question in replies.

How do you keep track of your finances?

@PeteMoss I use GnuCash and while it's not the best piece of software, I know that in 20 years I'll be able to use it

re: personal finance

@PeteMoss I find Beancount pretty nice for a plain text accounting solution. I wrote a couple of of plugins and importers to keep my journal organized and import data from my bank every month. It’s just text, so the journal will remain forever readable (but the Fava frontend can also present it in a graphical way with charts).

As a downside, the versioning situation is a bit messed up atm: v3 is in development but too unstable for daily use, so it’s recommended to stay with v2 for now.


@jookia @PeteMoss yeah I used GnuCash for a very long time

double-style bookkeeping is sort of overkill for personal finances thought. is very chill

@saxnot @PeteMoss i initially looked at ledger but found it wasn't accurate enough for finances

@jookia @PeteMoss accurate in what sense? It can do arbitrary precision

@jookia @PeteMoss do you often work with currencies which are affected by this specific bug?

Because for e. g. euros and cents the "usual way" is precise enought. Say for e. g. Yen or Dollar.

@jookia @PeteMoss so basically you're saying it has some properties you dislike ;; perhaps even related to precision but not easily explainable?
Because for Euro/Dollar/Cents the (h)ledger seems very much capable of anything.

Never managed stock or other weirdly-precise amounts before. Ledger gets the precision from context (e. g. "1,50 EUR" says "oh, apparently EUR is a currency, using a comma and has two digits")

@saxnot @PeteMoss i'm saying i'll take my chances with actual accounting software