The Unclear Impact

Do you have a special trick to deal with those common situations:

1️⃣ You are reading a very long article without headlines in the browser and you have to stop.

2️⃣ Alternatively, you are watching a long video on YouTube and have to stop.

👉 Next time you continue, you have to find the position you stopped, manually.

❓ Of course you could take a note in some way and use that, but in the digital world there should be smarter solutions. Do you know any?

@floppy reshared. About multimedia, VLC and NewPipe can resume automatically from whatever minute you were stopped at for any video and audio. Have you used NewPipe before?

@ademalsasa Good suggestions!
I tried NewPipe once and liked it, but as it seems to be Android-only I didn't use it for that purpose so far. I do have an Android phone, but it is very old and I dislike watching videos on it.

But I'll check it out and also give VLC a shot, sounds interesting!

@floppy good luck!

@floppy For articles, at least in Firefox, you can just leave the tab open / unload it and it’ll remember the scroll position. I have a very large number of tabs with stuff to read (or might never get around to finish reading), so I like using Tree Style Tab to manage them and Tab Unloader for Tree Style Tab to unload tabs to save memory. With Preferences > General > Startup > Restore previous session this turns tabs into a bunch of bookmarks that remember scroll position and browsing history. (With Temporary Containers tabs saved this way also get their own cookie jars, which is not really necessary for just remembering where you left off reading, but might be useful for user-hostile sites like medium blogs.)


Thank you for the recommendation (and appealing inline-links 👌). I also use Try Style Tabs, many open tabs, and tab unloading, I suppose we have a similar workflow here.

Indeed Firefox saves the scroll position for web pages, but I found that sometimes it is annoyingly unreliable (e.g. when websites delay loading content). But true, it works in many cases.

I'm using containers, but I haven't heard of Temporary Containers. Great suggestion, will look into that more, thank you!