The Unclear Impact


Me after upgrading to firefox 92: there’s something weird about how my url bar looks blobfoxconfused I remember setting up userChrome.css to look more like the rest of my system

fiddling around with userChrome.css for a while with no avail

ah, so 92 renamed a bunch of css variables and reddit comes to the rescue

--lwt-toolbar-field-background-color -> --toolbar-field-background-color
--lwt-toolbar-field-focus -> --toolbar-field-focus-background-color

at least the -focus version is now consistent with the rest, and my browser looks comfy again blobfoxcomfytea

(see also browser.urlbar.groupLabels.enabled and set it to false to hide the annoying Firefox Suggest label which is good for absolutely nothing since I disable search suggestions)


re: firefox

it’s a pity that the changelog for developer-visible changes has no mention of these changes. maybe they don’t want theming to be a public API any more?


@kristof of course there is a Firefox CSS subreddit! :-)

re: firefox

@kristof userChrome.css was never a public API.

With how powerful it is, having it as a public API would mean that they couldn't change anything about the UI without breaking API compatibility.
It has always been basically just a hack that they didn't care to obstruct.

So, yeah, you should see it as a bonus that they let you do that kind of theming at all (other browsers don't), not get angry when they don't put in extra work to support it.