The Unclear Impact

the state of academic publishing is so awful that despite being a student at a research university, and having access to basically every journal in existence, I still use Sci-Hub because it's just easier than navigating through all the godawful websites and logins

@hazel It’s a joke. Like, our uni spends like 50x as much for journal access every year as it would cost to host the whole Sci-Hub catalog. And Sci-Hub still ends up much nicer to use.


@hazel Sometimes I go to a publisher's website, and login through my institution and it doesn't seem to allow me to view the article, and it's not clear to me whether I need to click something additional or whether that particular journal isn't one the university subscribes to or what.

@hazel Yepp. I've legit found articles through me institution's database thingie and gone "you know what I can't even figure out how to download this despite being allowed to, where's the doi"

Didn't take me long to give up on that. Just straight to sci-hub.

Like, if they *want* us to go through the 'official' route, it needs to be both more affordable AND easier to access than the 'unofficial'/'illegal' route.

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