The Unclear Impact

After using Windows for some time now (for work) I've noticed it seems very common to think that one is typing in one window, while actually typing in another. Someone accidentally just typed a password in Mattermost, instead of wherever they intended to put it. I can't say I've never done the same, and other people also mentioned they have nearly done it themselves.

This is something I have not even considered could happen while using my Sway configuration. My desktop and most applications have the nord dark blue-ish color palette, with the focused window a) almost never overlapping another window (due to the tiling nature of Sway) and b) have a bright red border, which contrasts well with the dark nord applications.

The only thing that changes when an application goes from focused to unfocused is the border gets slightly lighter. Every application has a different colored border on Windows, even between Microsoft's own applications. It's incredibly ambiguous which window is focused by just looking at them on Windows.

@robby I also find the windows user interface is stuck in the 90s. For example no super+leftclick to drag a window and super+rightclick to resize it really irks me.

Or you can set focus-follows-mouse via the registry but many applications will behave erratically (they will receive mouse but no keyboard events).

Not to mention the other paper cuts - modal dialogs that make no sense, new windows appearing behind others, and new windows stealing focus while you're typing. 😡

@robby Even on my sway setup, where focused windows have a prominent blue border (instead of red), I manage to start typing in the wrong window plenty of times. The reason is simple: I just don’t look at the screen nor the keyboard, just start typing assuming I left the focus in the right place. blobfoxthisisfine

It’s fun when the focus falls on a window where keys do something other than entering text, like ncmpcpp.

@kristof I find myself usually looking at my display, where do you look when not looking at your display blobcatreading

@robby Usually talking to someone in the office (and trying to program at the same time). blobfoxhyper