The Unclear Impact

Hey Chromium, Dear Firefox. You two realize you're not actually a virtual machine, right?

Could you please stop fighting over who can use the most memory? It's not a contest.


All of them.

In all seriousness tho, probably around 50 in total.

@fribbledom Browser becoming operating systems running JavaScript (eh, and Wasm!) is one of the worst jokes of IT history, I think. 😉

@fribbledom How many tabs do you have OPEN? XD


...and I refuse to accept that's part of the problem 😆

@fribbledom the fuck Firefox know what memory usage is. Firefox is not a system administrator.

@fribbledom Actually, I think they think they are virtual machines.

@fribbledom But they are! All those JS code ain't running on nothing 02smile

@fribbledom Of course it gobbles up memory for breakfast, it's a JVM

JavaScript Virtual Machine


So in the early 90s, SUN had a research project that produced the Self programming language. Self is a Smalltalk dialect/descendant that is prototype-based instead of class-based (i.e. OOP but without classes; objects hold methods directly.)

Self was the testbed for modern JIT research; lots of clever compile-multiple-versions-of-methods stuff. It was fast but consumed a *huge* amount of memory for the time.


@fribbledom Well, you can always do like me and use for most of your browsing needs :D

@fribbledom OpenSCAD next to them with 1.3GiB looks funny.

@fribbledom @striker I wonder why they don't implement some tab suspension or so, just view a static pic and load the page when the tab is selected or even just load the page after tab selection. I mean who cares if that takes 1-2 seconds?

@fribbledom but they are basically VMs at this point and you can run real VMs in them. (

@fribbledom It’s not a virtual machine, it’s many different and extremely complicated virtual machines in one, unfortunately.


@fribbledom holy shit

@fribbledom so what features does a VM have that a web browser doesn't?

@fribbledom exactly how many tabs you have open?

Well, they are virtual machine managers for all the ECMAscript VMs being run by the web pages...

I suppose you also have many extensions and some of the tabs has a lot of JS


@fribbledom Those are rookie numbers.

@fribbledom Remember when Chrome was small and fast

@fribbledom @striker i've got 30 open between seamonkey and firefox and that's taking up like 3.6GB - mostly unopened Tumblr pages because my queue is maxed out, ao3 and bandcamp, plus 1 discord tab

i dare not leave any google thing open unattended nowadays

@fribbledom - that shows how bloated the modern web is. 35 GB that's crazy 😯


Nothing gets my goat like web browser bloat.

@fribbledom Or rather, it is a contest, but they don’t realize it’s scored like golf, not bowling.

@fribbledom for goodness sake, you know better than to post nonsense like this.
If you have RAM, the browser will use it. If you're running out of memory, the browser will free it up. That's how garbage collected memory systems and caches and many other technologies *work*.
If for some reason you want the browser to use less memory, run it on a PC with less memory available. I promise you it still works just fine.

@fribbledom @striker

I thought only my wife has 50+ tabs open 🤣🤣🤣


Well, yes, I certainly do kinda know what's going on in the background. That doesn't mean this isn't problematic. Along with the kernel, now I have two systems fighting over that resource, both optimistically caching away until it's too late. If what the browsers do worked fine, I wouldn't see them getting OOM-killed by the kernel all that often.

@fribbledom OK I concede something is definitely badly broken if they're getting oom-killed by the kernel.

@fribbledom The more RAM you have, the more RAM your OS will use

@fribbledom isn’t unused ram wasted ram? At least that’s how macOS handles ram (as far as I know)


I'm fine with the kernel using all my RAM for caching, but if individual processes start doing it alongside the kernel, it becomes really messy and uncontrollable, very quickly.

@fribbledom that’s a good point! I’m not too advanced in this topic, so thanks for clarifying 😄