The Unclear Impact

Why does the new Firefox design get rid of visual borders between tabs??

@be Because...reasons.

@be What really confuses me is the new "lock" icon (for https). It looks like a person (head + torso).
They just need to fill in the "torso" part with a solid color and it would look like a proper lock icon.

I don't understand that decision.

@be yup, it's confusing and you constantly ponder which one is active and which one is not. Spent last night hopping tabs.

@be idk, Proton UI has grown on me though since ive been using Nighly since 89 on Nightly came out. for me it works well with dark Adwaita on fedora 34 (current tab has quite the contrast) but can't say for everything if it works well. Even if its a bit confusing, I would still use Firefox because of Multi-account Containers.

@zxo I am also using Adwaita Dark on Fedora 34. Sure the current tab stands out, but I can't imagine any good reason to remove the visual borders between the inactive tabs.

@be I just tried what it roughly looks like when adding it back in and well, I guess due to the higher tabs, it either feels too noisy / long (compared to the text) or kind of out of place when it's just a short line.

Could also honestly just be that creating such a separator is rather hacky in CSS, when its length doesn't match the height of items that it separates.

And then I suppose, the close-button can kind of serve as a visual separator, too.

@friend Not one of those is a good reason.

@be @zxo You can try to add back the separators between tabs (among other things). It even works with browser.uidensity=1, although that might be removed in the next version of firefox (and thus will need some additional CSS).

I’ve been using this since 89.0 came out, plus some other bits of userChrome.css from Tree Style Tabs.


@kristof @zxo So, uh, how do I use that? The "Installation Guide" just links to a branch of the code repository...??

@be @zxo Links to sections in the are broken in Github (not sure if at all, or only in Firefox), but if you scroll down a bit in the readme, there’s a proper Installation Guide section.

Basically, you put all the files from the repo into the chrome folder of your firefox profile (so the CSS styles will be in chrome/userChrome.css), and set the settings from in about:config (they recommend overwriting your user.js with that, but that’s a bit heavy-handed, and erases previous customizations, I think).

@be give me back the compact view :(