The Unclear Impact

Discord is finally dropping a feature to let you manage multiple identities across different instances so you don't have to figure out how to run their bloated AF forced-single-instance client multiple times to have a public and a private face...

It's nitro-locked. $10/mo, and lord knows what they do with your identity if your sub lapses.

Ahahahaha.... Oh we've all sold our social watering holes to a robber baron.

(The truth of it is I just wanna have a profile pic in one or two very comfy chats of my jolteon with their shirt off and not have to explain that to the PG speedrunning chat I'm in-- but doing this comes with a ~3GB RAM commit I can't afford on my chat box >:P)

@trysdyn /3 GB/? Holy fuck.

@IceWolf Well yeah. I have to run a browser instance I normally don't, and then run another instance of Discord in it.

@trysdyn @IceWolf You can try something like Firefox Multi-Account Containers to isolate two Discord tabs with two different sets of cookies. Alternatively, messaging browsers like ferdi Ferdi or Hamsket do the same thing with Electron (unfortunately, vanilla Chromium doesn’t have such cookie isolation feature exposed by default). That’d help if the 3 GB mostly comes from having another browser instance. Although if a render thread for a single Discord tab consumes that much memory… oh goodness why! blobfoxshocked