The Unclear Impact

If I care about , which option should I choose? Self hosted , or a provider?

I've heard self hosting email should be very painful. And there are a lot provider who claim they value privacy.

So which provider or software for self hosting do you use and recommend?

@daniels I'm self hosting + mail on HC1, running . Yeah, setup is kinda pain, but all local stuff is automated/documentef with so I could re-lauch it on other machine easyer. Lot's of fiddling with DNS entries, add too. Havent set up any spam filtering, no need so far... Biggest issue is that likes to move my first messages to the junk folder by default..? Anyhow, FEELS GOOD communicating with non-google users, like some eshops.

@Talkless interesting, what do you think about

I'm not talking about the clients just mail server. Already have a next cloud (webmail) and mail client on my Ubuntu laptop which I would keep.

In case of a provide, I would prefer to use my own domain and email address.

@Talkless @daniels What kind of DNS entries did you have to fiddle with? I thinking about making a similar setup, but don’t really know what to expect w.r.t. getting mail accepted by others.

@kristof @Talkless They provide proper documentation at

I also set up catch all for my domain:

Not to much work, mx records and txt.
I didn't yet check all those extras.

@daniels @Talkless Yeah, I’m also, and their service is quite nice. But their function to GPG-encrypt incoming mail (à la protonmail, but using standard IMAP and GPG) acts a bit weird sometimes, and overall having more control over mail handling would be nice, so I’m thinking about moving to a self hosted setup. But all this talk about other servers rejecting mail even with all the proper DNS records set up sounds frightening. I might keep around my account (but without the domain alias) to communicate with people on gmail when I have to, I guess.

@ademalsasa Looks interesting, probably useful, though I would like it more if it would have been base on pure Debian, not Ubuntu...

@kristof @daniels First of all, you need rDNS "feature" from your ISP, so that IP would reverse-resolve to your (costs me 1 Eur/month). And for DNS entries, there's SPF, DKIM, DMARK stuff, also quite some settings in Exim configuration to make it all work.

@Talkless @daniels Whoah, all this faff, and Google still refuses to consider your mail server legitimate? blobfoxangry


@kristof @daniels There's more I don't have like MTA-STS that requires HTTP server to host some magic files, or DANE that would probably require DNS provider with API so that records could be updated after every Letsencrypt certificate renewal..

@Talkless @daniels Thanks, those are some very interesting pointers for me.

@Talkless I am waiting for your interesting stuffs in this case. Thanks for replying!