The Unclear Impact

Here's AlmaLinux in its workstation installation progress in a virtual machine.

And here's AlmaLinux License Agreement. It is extremely simply by only mentioning GNU GPL. (2)

And here's AlmaLinux login screen. Notice the choices offered. (3)

And here's AlmaLinux.

What a pretty colorful wallpaper. It is a GNOME distro too apparently. (4)


Standard (X11 display server) on Xorg

feels like a bit of redundant naming, but this is still a very nice list of choices out-of-the-box.


And here's AlmaLinux system installation setup for this GNOME desktop edition. Notice the choices offered. (5)

And here's AlmaLinux Workstation Edition's default apps. See (5) above for the setup choices. (6)

And here's AlmaLinux lock screen. What a lovely colorful screen. (7)

And here's AlmaLinux About System & Software Center. Notice the AlmaLinux brand logo and GIMP to be installed. (8)