The Unclear Impact

I should try and set up a sane e-mail client for myself with

  • plain text,
  • proper gpg support (including support for the “pseudo-Protonmail” setup, where otherwise unencrypted mail is encrypted with a public key generated for just this purpose before stored on the server, but such mail should generally be answered in plain text),
  • nntp starttls support,
  • highlight and apply diffs,
  • archive and process invoices with

Thinking about #notmuch in #Emacs with some way to fetch mail from imap and nntp and a bit of #elisp to glue all this together. However, I’d miss

  • RSS support (there’s #elfeed, but I’d prefer not having separate interfaces),
  • Exchange calendar synchronization,
  • multiple CalDav calendar synchronization,
  • Exchange contacts,
  • CardDav contacts,
  • accepting calendar invites from e-mail

from #Thunderbird. Looks like I’d need a way to fetch RSS into the local maildir and somehow make #orgmode talk to the messed up setup we have at uni for calendar and contact sharing.