The Unclear Impact

Audacity's been bought by the Muse Group; one early plus point is they're putting some effort into UX/UI:

@porsupah hey uhhhh what the fuck, why is it possible for audacity to be bought

...wait musecore was bought too, what the hell???

Re: copyright, pol, violence mention

@snailerotica @porsupah Unfortunately, despite their sorely needed focus on UI/UX, the company behind MuseScore now does have some less than stellar takes, including threatening people with (state) physical violence: (disclaimer: I found this link in the HN thread, but it’s a bit buried now)

It’s sad that it seems difficult to have a pleasing (or at least passable) UI/UX without developers acting as a big corp (or worse, plain thugs).


@porsupah This is awesome that Audacity and MuseScore are getting attention from a designer that knows and cares about accessibility!

Re: copyright, pol, violence mention

@kristof @snailerotica @porsupah That's disappointing. Thanks for sharing that.