The Unclear Impact

jacob geller posted about the don hertzfeldt Simpsons couch gag and now im thinking about it again


theres two things i want to say about it:

- it pokes fun at how the show has not changed formula in the slightest and characters parrot lines like "please consume the merchandise". put that next to the official youtube upload's description, entitely composed of "don hertzfeldt checks out simpsons in the future! ha, ha! wasn't that neat! anyway subscribe now for more Simpsons clips! watch more videos from THE SIMPSONS! catch full episodes here. see more of The Simpsons:"

- a lot of ppl read marge's "(tentacle slap) Still Love You Homar" line as heartwarming, like aww they still love each other, but i think it's more bleak? in The Sampsons Epasode Numbar 20,254 marge doesn't have any personality other than "loving homer"; the mask drops that marge is a fictional character created to show a hetero romance on tv because that's hashtag relatable, please tune in and watch the damn ads already.

re: simpsons

@quat i feel like watching the simpsons turn from its initial idea of putting the traditional sitcom formula on the head and then watching it become the formula is a really interesting topic of media analysis

re: simpsons

@hazel @quat Jonas Čeika (CCK Philosophy) has posted a nice analysis to YouTube on this topic couple of months ago, which relates this shift in formula to Mark Fisher’s capitalist realism:

[Simpsons’ creators] simply had no alternative, they had to either reach people by collaborating with the industry giants or give up the industry and the TV show with it, which wouldn’t be much more effective [in disseminating their social critique].