The Unclear Impact

Either you have a desktop that's designed to be extremely easy to navigate, or you have something designed to confuse the hell out of everybody.

In the hacker world, you ideally have something that is both: you can't live without it, and everybody that tries to use your computer runs away in tears.

@sean using a split keyboard with no mouse does the "runs away in tears" part already meowGiggle

@absturztaube that's pretty good!

One design that I really can't stop thinking about is how Plan9 lets you just draw a terminal window any time you need a new window, and when you run a command, it just turns into the program.

Something like that would probably melt people's brains.

@sean tbh using any kind of OS outside of MacOS and Windows is already enough to scare away most ppl

@absturztaube @sean honestly Linux is getting more user friendly and widely known. in comp to the aforementioned os it's still tiny. but progress

@kura @sean sure it does, i'm not saying its not.

but most ppl still don't really know it and when they see anything other than windows/macos they are lost just because its something unfamiliar

@absturztaube @sean I agree.
also most people are like "that's not windows I don't know how to use"
which is quite sad, because it would be so tailored to their use case.

@kura @absturztaube I used to feel sad about that, but there's nothing quite like handing your laptop over to somebody and getting a confused look of despair!

@sean @kura @absturztaube +1 if it has tiling wm
+10 if it uses DVORAK layout

@GNUxeava @sean @absturztaube @kura

☑ tiling wm ☑ dvorak ☑ split keyboard ☑ no mouse ☑ arch

My desktop is unbearably usable blobcatsweats

@robby @GNUxeava @absturztaube @kura @sean

Sadly, I'm only 2/5 out of this: tiling vm (sway) and arch. Although maybe having a custom script that remaps a bunch key events (to create a multi-language layout and macros for sway) counts as a weird keyboard layout? My colleagues probably aren't able to type on it, at least. 😄​ Also, I was trying to learn Colemak, but haven't managed yet.

A split keyboard sounds nice for programming! But I'm afraid it'd be quite annoying for drawing things (one hand on mouse/stylus, other hand for hotkeys). Maybe having one with lots of buttons on the left side that can be remapped would help? But that kinda defeats the purpose of having it split.

@kristof @GNUxeava @absturztaube @kura @sean

It looks like a lot of the split keyboards are also fully progammable (at least mine is), it seems reasonable to have a layer with all your bindings for an application on one hand, and maybe backlighting on that layer to highlight where the keys are for it.

I personally keep a drawing tablet between my split keyboard, but I don’t do a lot of actual drawing with it (mostly just osu).

The best benefit as far as programming that I think I have is having all of my punctuation either within close reach from the home row, or on a separate layer in an orderly fashion (ie matching brackets are placed next to eachother).

And although I don’t have a physical mouse at my desk, I am able to use my keyboard to move the mouse for applications that abolutely require a mouse.

Here is my layout if you want to take a peek at it. It has a few weird things like some redundant keys. Just haven’t figured out what I want to replace some of them with yet.