The Unclear Impact

is there a way to block electron globally, automatically? like, if i tried to open an electron app, it just, broke, or didn't, etc..?

(i don't want any electron apps that have very system-like theming to sneak up on me, and then for me to not realise why my performance has gone back to shit)

@Novimatrem If the application uses the systems electron package, yes (and I think most do). It would be hard to block applications from bundling electron themselves without straight up blocking non-free software (not sure if you want that).

It depends what distro you are using as to how to do it. What distro are you using?

@robby I'm using Ubuntu (specifically Xubuntu), and do not want to block all non-free software

@Novimatrem You can block packages from being installed like this.

I can’t seem to find the electron package for ubuntu, I would be surprised if it doesn’t exist though. Other distro’s I’ve used such as Arch simply have an electron package that could be blocked.

@robby @Novimatrem Crazy idea: periodically kill any process with --type=renderer in its command line 😄​​.

Pros: surely makes any Electron instance useless.

Con: also makes any Chromium instance useless. But I’d count that as a pro for browser diversity.

(Disclaimer: that’s a useful way to find rogue Electron instances. But killing them outright is probably counter-productive.)


@kristof @Novimatrem you could wirte a script to notify you whenever an electron process is running using this blobcatthinksmart