The Unclear Impact

Matrix is an open standard for decentralized real-time communication. The specification is production-ready and bridges to tons of silo products like Slack, Gitter, Telegram, Discord, and even Facebook Messenger. This lets you use Matrix to link together disjoint communities in one place, or create an alternative communication method that works with, but is independent of, communication silos.

You can create your own self-hosted Matrix chat for as little as $3.50 USD…

@victoria 👍 Thanks a lot for 1 more clearly structured & well-written post (this on ). i will try this out as soon as I have time & mind. what alternative to do you recommend?

@victoria Thanks, this is pretty cool! I was wanting to set up Dendrite on my VPS, but never got my head around the configuration.

I gather from this that Dendrite needs its own TLS certs (and it’s not enough to put a TLS reverse proxy in front of it). Or you’re using a different (self-signed) TLS cert in Dendrite, and one from Let’s Encrypt for Nginx?


@kristof Yes, the latter. That said, this is only for a hack-about server set up.